Tokyo Days 47 - Mitake Ravine

On the way back from Mount Mitake and located right next to the Mitake JR rail station, is the Mitake Ravine.

A large rapid stream passing through the valley, it was a very popular spot among the locals.

Not just for sightseeing but, as you can tell from the rock formations, it was used for some outdoor activities too.

There were many different kinds of activities going on. One of which as a bunch of enthusiastic rock bickers.

With the white river rapids, kayaking and rafting was the main attraction.

Several bridges pass over this large ravine allowing for some lovely photo opportunities.

The surrounding valley and mountains were great backdrops too.

The ravine and stream was open to the public and via a simple pathway, anyone could head down to it.

The rushing stream provided the soundtrack to the otherwise quiet and serene forest.

There was even a pedestrian bridge on the lower level.

This allowed people to easily cross between the two sides without having to constantly climb up and down.

There were no shortage of visitors to the ravine with the majority of them being locals.

Some were there just to observe.

While, others were there too participate.

It was my first time coming across a ravine like this and it is indeed such a unique attraction.

While I had to miss the rapid train back to Tokyo just to take this slight detour, it was worth every second even if I wasjust observing.

After all, it is not everyday where you get to witness something like this in Tokyo. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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