SIF Coverage: SR Bath Robe Nozomi

I finally have some means of updating Tiro Finale once again! Without wasting anytime, let us quickly get into the much overdue SIF Coverage on this event's SR Nozomi, especially with the event ending tomorrow. But, as they say, better late than never.

Upon reaching 11,000 points, you will automatically unlock the SR Nozomi. If you do not have space in your inventory, it will automatically be added to your Present Box. By now, even those who are not planning on tiering for the event would have already unlocked this.

As I would have it, Bath Robe Nozomi turned out to be my 250th unique member making this card all the more special!

Here is a look at said SR Nozomi at Level 1 where her stats are comparatively weak for an SR with only 3,680 Pure Points. Her Perfect Lock skill is good though, with a 4 second timing window.

Even at Level 60, her Pure stats are not very high at 4,510 points only. It is not until you have idolized her that she truly becomes a very powerful Pure card which is rather odd to see an SR card keep much of its latent points in the last 20 levels. Hence, if you truly want to make the best of this SR Nozomi, you will need to idolize her.

Here is a closer look at the card's design. Nothing too fancy and it does not really fit into the "Bath Robe" theme either. Still, the design does fit her and it is not often we see Nozomi dressed like this.

The Event's N Card, Shinomiya Akiru does abide by the "Bath Robe" theme though with a decidedly simple and straight forward bath robe. On that, today's coverage of SIF's Promise of Today comes to an end. The full coverage on the conclusion of the event will be coming tomorrow. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have a great day ahead!


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