Tokyo Days 51 - My Wonfer Festival Summer 2016: Part 1

Part 1: Kotobukiya & Alter

Koto is making a new Madoka figurine. No release date but, the prototype sure looks good.

Their increasingly popular Cu-Poche line up is growing.

Coming soon is the much awaited Cu-Poche Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Even Nipako is available in Cu-Poche form but, as a Garage Kit!

A collection of the few Cu-Poche(s) released thus far.

Front and center of Alter's display is their Love Live! School Idol Festival figure collection and for good reason. There were long lines just to take photos of what many would consider the best Love Live figures in production so far.

The nine members were split up into their three-man sub-groups for display.

Lily White on the right, Printemps in the center and Bibi on the right.

Looking at Alter's Nozomi firsthand immediately convinced that I should pre-order her. Everything from the sculpt, detailing to proportions were simply immaculate. You can even spot the light purple lipstick application!

This was true not just for Nozomi but, all the nine members as well!

The best part was their outfits were all unique and taken from the School Idol Festival mobile game making it a sure-fire winner in terms of design.

Nozomi was definitely the standout for me but, Rin was equally impressive too.

The energetic pose and wink really captures Rin's energy and spirit.


Next up, we have what is considered to be a grail figure for many Love Live fans.

Already released, Alter's Kotori is hands down one of the best Love Live figures ever made which would go on to explain its incredibly steep re-sale price.

There is not one but, two little birds!

Honoka, energetic as usual in an awesome jumping pose.

Often I forget Honoka has blue eyes which stands out so much with this figure.

Do not forget about Hanayo either.

Aside from the detailing, another point which really helps these figures stand out definitely has to be their facial expressions!

That is a smile only Hanayo can sport.

Moving on, it was the longest line among the three and for good reason. It was Bibi, which meant Maki, Eli and Nico.

This particular Maki must have made many Maki fans very happy.

Considered one of the nicest designs in SIF, many fans, me included, were very happy Alter decided to go with it and pull it off so well too.

If that was not enough, there was the captivating Eli with a simply stunning outfit.

Just look at the sculpt on that tail coat.

The daring sleeveless look also transitions very well into figure guise especially with Eli's confident expression.

Even the detailing on her mini-top hat is rather insane.

Last but, not least, we have Nico-chan.

Ribbons and an oversized hat were all part of this elaborate design.

You might think that it would ruin the balance for the figure, but somehow it works. Stay tuned for Part 2 as I go through more figures that caught my eye in this Summer's Wonder Festival. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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