SIF Coverage: Score Match Round 20 Begins

From one double SR event to yet another, we now have a MakiUmi Score Match Round 20. The events in SIF's EN server has been really picking up recently and this is likely to catch up with the JP servers.

The first event SR, Maki is unlocked at 22,500 event points.

Then, at 27,500 event points the event SR Umi will be unlocked. Two Umi SRs in a row?

The expanded tiers continue here with Tier 1 ending at 1100th position and Tier 2 at 5500th position.

Double SR event also mean double N card members. The first is Maria which corresponds with Maki.

The second one is Kikuchi Akemi which corresponds with Umi's theme. Both the N cards are of Pure Attribute coincidentally. And that concludes the coverage for Score Match Round 20. Until then, thanks for reading and have a great day ahead!


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