Tokyo Days 33 - Mandarake Sapporo

With just 30 minutes to spare before having to head to the airport, I rushed into town looking for the fabled Sapporo branch of Mandarake. The only Mandarake store this far north of Japan, it was a shop I had wanted to visit for the longest time even if that meant just stepping foot into the store and leaving immediately after.

Despite the limited time, I still managed to get a good scope of the huge single story store. To my surprise, everything was very bright and well organized. Very unlike the other Mandarake I had visited. Throughout the huge collection of merchandise, two particulars pieces caught my eye. The first of which was this Bebe plush! I had seen it online before and now, going for only 1,200 Yen, it was a worthy buy in my book.

The second thing was more expensive and even rarer, the Madogatari Nendoroid Petits. These were placed behind a locked glass shelf just going to show their rarity and worth. To most, spending 4,000 Yen for 2 Nendoroid Petit would make absolutely no sense and I would not hesitate to agree. But, the rarity factor of these Madogatari merchandise are what keeps the prices on these things so high. This was my first time seeing the thing in flesh and, if memory serves me right, Mandarake Sapporo is currently the only Mandarake branch which has this particular figure.

I was tempted to get both those great finds especially since their total made it just enough to qualify for tax exemption. But, a quick time check, revealed that I would not have had the time too. Not wanting to take the risk and miss my flight, I quickly browsed the rest of the shop while leaving from the other entrance. From this entrance, you could see all the cosplay goods on sale. Next to Nakano, Sapporo's Mandarake has to be one of my favorites so far and I would recommend anyone paying a visit to Hokkaido to definitely pay it a visit. That will be all for today, Tokyo Day's will resume as normal once again and work to catch up to the latest day. Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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