Tokyo Days 50 - Happy Birthday Nico-chan!

The 22nd of July is the birthday of everyone's favorite idol, Yazawa Nico!

Although Muse may have not been succeeded by Aqours, there is still an overwhelming amount of love and fans for the original especially in the hometown of Muse, Akihabara. 

The bulletin board put up in various arcades allowed fans to write their best wishes for their beloved Nico-chan.

Because Nico's birthday fell on a weekend, her Birthday Shrine was kept in place throughout the weekend.

This allowed for as many fans as possible to make the pilgrimage and write a lovely message or two.

There was even love for the new girls, Aqours, especially since their new show has begun.

With each passing birthday since the Final Live, I sure hope that the fire of the fandom stays strong. While I am aware that it will dwindle over time, there is always hope that something new might surface in the future. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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