Catch-Up Content 16: NicoMaki Kiss

Nico, how observant.
To make up for the lack of content on Satuday, here's some catch up content which is here 2 days late. Yeah, I know. I can be really lazy at times. This time round, I spent the whole of Saturday just playing video games and watching anime. Well, without further delay, some NicoMaki love for all your fans out there. Oh! Not forgetting, Maki's birthday is coming up too.
Maki, that's a little too direct don't you think?

Bonus Elichika Content!
Did you enjoy the comics? If you did, don't forget to check out the original author over at Pixiv. The bulk of the work is managed by that wonderful author and I'm just doing the simple task of translating it. If you're interested in reading more translations, head on over here

Until the next time, thanks for reading and have a great day ahead!


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