SIF Coverage: Our Best Smile Event

With the one week break (in between events) over, we finally pull the curtains open to one of the most anticipated events in SIF, a Token Event entitled "Our Best Smile". The event runs from the 18th rill the 28th of April for the EN Servers and features, none other, than Nishikino Maki as the center. After all, would else would you count on generating so much interest and hype for a single event if not the immensely popular Maki?

The theme for this event is Military and, suitably so, the event SR card has Maki dressed up in a military-themed outfit. Both the un-idolized and idolized versions lean heavily on the military theme almost as if a recruitment image character for the army. Needless to say, Military Maki has won the hearts and minds of many SIF fans who will no doubt be eager to get their hands on Maki's SR card.

In order to do that, you'll first have to reach 11,000 Event Points to be rewarded the un-idolized version. That's the easy part of course.

The next bit involves investing those precious Love Gems that you would have saved up to tier for this event. Tier 1 and 2 are, as usual, the Top 1000 and 5000 positions respectively. Tier 2 alone guarantees an additional SR Maki for potential idolization which makes these spots highly coveted. But, more than the Maki's popularity or the design itself, the one factor I believe which draws SIF players to this card are the sheer stats. The Cool Attribute is Maki's core and this SR also happens to be the most powerful Cool Event SR.
Of course, let's not forget, this is a Token Event and additional rewards are given for  ranking well in the Event Song. While it is nice to get more rewards, the Top 5000 positions are often taken up by players with really strong teams consisting of SR/UR combinations. As such, it makes it less of a skill based ranking and more of sheer brute force.

While most things remain the same, there are some small changes made to the event format. Two, in fact. The first being the availability of EX and EX Random event songs from the first day. The second is the introduction of 4x EX and EX Random songs which will be added in 3/4 days before the event ends. How will you manage these new 4x songs is entirely up to you.

Now that the event has started, I can foresee 11 days of stiff competition among players. Make sure to stay tuned to Tiro Finale for news on how the event is developing as we take a look at the point growth. In the meantime, have fun at the event regardless of whether you are going to tier or not. Until the next time, thanks for reading and have a great day ahead!


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