Random Snaps: Sonico Chatting Time

Good day! Here's a little secret, I actually enjoy taking photos of figures more than writing reviews on them. Partly because, reviews take such a long time to write and all throughout it, I have to be as objective as possible. On the other hand, the photo session allows me to express my creative freedom as much as possible.

From the angles to the background, I'm in control of everything. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't. But, that's all part of the learning process as I steadily improve my figure photography skills.
While I previously preferred using white backgrounds for their simplicity, I've now opted with something different. To move out of my comfort zone makes me think and frame each shot just that slightly different. 
On top of that, adding some colors and tones to the background helps everything appear more natural. The edges round of smoothly making it more easy on the eyes.
With many of these shots usually zoomed in significantly, the depth of field stands out more too with a light colored background. Even with a fairly large aperture, each shot still has a notable amount of de-focused areas which help highlight the subject in the foreground.

Often, the subject takes up a large portion of the frame hence, it isn't much of a problem. Overall, I like the direction in which I'm going. Although, there's always room for improvement.
I still prefer to take my shots with the exposure stopped up slightly to make everything appear brighter. Unfortunately, this does have the unwanted side effect of washing out colors and reducing detail. I'm still working on it!
If you're wondering why I am not talking much about the figure. That's because I've already done a review for it and for more Sonico content, go here.
This figure just happens to be the one I like to photograph more often. Somehow, the proportions are very camera-friendly and since Sonico is sitting, you can fit the entire figure into a single frame without much empty space too.
Mostly though, I just like the quilted dress Sonico has on.

Alright, that's been all for today. Hope you've enjoyed this quick gallery and, if you did, you can look forward to similar content on Tiro Finale. Until next time, thanks for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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