SIF Coverage: Over 4 Million Players

School Idol Festival has now hit over 4 million players on the EN Server! As part of the usual player base celebration, KLab will be giving out special login bonuses for the entire week. This time, it is 7 Love Gems. While there are no Scouting Tickets in side, one shall never take for granted free premium currency. On a side note, it feels like not too long ago when we were just celebrating another player base landmark right?
On top of today's special login bonus, players will also receive 1 Love Gem as part of the monthly login bonus for the 26th of April, or the 26th of any month really.
With just slightly under 3 days left for the current Token Event (Our Best Smile), how do these rewards impact the outcome of the event? Effectively, we will be looking at 4 Gems and this does signal a slight rise in cutoffs. Hence, be prepared if you are planning to tier for the event. 

That will be all for today's quick SIF update. I will be sure to cover the event when it finally comes to a close this 28th of April for a full coverage then. In the meantime, thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful day ahead!


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