SIF Coverage: SR Military Maki

Full disclosure, I have actually been really lazy in this current event. Hence, the arrival of SR Military Maki only on the 6th day of the event. Even though I am planning to tier, my current efforts absolutely do not reflect that. There is no doubt that I'll need to pick up the slack in the days to come but, the current event song just is not very much fun. But, enough about that. We are here today to take a look at the event SR card, Military Maki.
For many of you, this screen should be fairly familiar upon obtaining 11,000 Event Points. At Level 1, she sports 3730 Cool points and has a Score Boost skill to match. Personally, I do not think the skill is much to shout about as a 27% chance is fairly low despite a bump of 440 points.
At Level 60, that is where Maki starts to shine with  4,560 Cool Points. My Cool Team may require more Perfect Lock-ers but, this SR Maki replaces my current R Maki which is a welcome addition anytime of the day.

Here is a closer look at the card itself. The design is rather simple with strong associations with the whole military theme from the dress' urban camouflage pattern to the army-inspired fatigue. Initially, I was not a big fan of the card's design. Upon closer inspection though, there is one little detail that has made me quite the fan of this SR. When I mean small, I genuinely mean it. That little details is the wristwatch Maki is sporting. With its Olive Green NATO strap and a clean white dial, it really gets the military watch design spot on. Maki's wrist-game is definitely strong in this one!

On a side note, I have finally managed to get a Full Combo on the EX event song. With the help of a specially formulated Smile Team of course.
After 7 tries, I finally managed it! Alas, I'm still struggling with the non-random version which is beginning to demoralized me a little bit. Perhaps I should just play it on Hard difficulty?

On the flip side, there is more good news. For me, at least. This may appear as extremely trivial and irrelevant to most players but, I have finally gotten my idolized first-gen R Maki. This was the second Rare card I ever received and I have not received an identical copy in all my 132 Ranks of playing SIF.

Of all places to get the card, it was not by scouting either but, as a Live reward instead. In return, I am rewarded with the idolized Maki sporting the swimsuit from Natsuiro Egao de 1,2 Jump! Now, only Honoka remains and she, like Maki, has been sneakily evading me too.

Alright, that is all for today's quick update on the "Our Best Smile" Token Event. Thanks so much for reading and, once again, have a great day ahead!


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