µ's The Final Day of The Final Live

So, it finally came to pass, the Final Live. Where do we start? Well, it was great. Okay, that's it. We're done. Thanks for reading everyone. Have a nice day. Bye!

No? Okay, just kidding.

How about we start with the set list?

The second day's set list is almost identical to the first with the exception of Donna Toki mo Zutto which replaces Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru. While some of the songs were the shortened versions, there were still 42 songs performed, in total, which was an amazing feat! Before I get into detail about the performances, I'd like to address some fans disappointment with the repetition of the set list. While I can empathize with those who feel slightly "cheated" by this, I actually applaud this decision as it was one which really considered the fans as a whole. Not everybody would have been able to attend both days of the Live especially since concert tickets were allocated via a lottery draw. Hence, the production companies wanted to ensure fans got the exact same experience for both days to ensure neither (participants) felt left out. A bold decision it may be but, one that I wholeheartedly respect.

Now, moving on to the Live itself. It all started off with a short animation which was the same as the one shown on the first day. All 9 members of µ's greeted the latest baby Alpaca and addressed fans (breaking the fourth wall) and asking where they were only to find out they were at the Tokyo Dome. This followed with the first two tracks, Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE and Bokura wa Ima no Naka De. Both fairly expected and standard offerings.

Shortly after those two songs, was the opening MC where each of the 9 members of µ's would introduce themselves. It was all going smoothly until we reached Ucchi (Kotori's VA) who started to break into tears and was unable to complete her introduction smoothly. It was a very emotional scene and everybody knew from then how the day was going to pan out. Still, with the support of her members and friends, she managed to successfully regain her composure and complete her introduction.

This followed with 3 more songs before cutting into intermission with the first part of the µ's Chronicles. These intermission videos were mostly made out of interviews with the seiyuu(s) in regards to the history of Love Live. Each one of the 5 part Chronicle covered a different part of their development from Love Live's inception all the way to the Final Live. While these videos didn't introduce anything particularly new, it was really nice and rather funny too. Plus, it was a good way of taking a breather in between the songs.

After the short video break, µ's continued 8 more songs with a short MC in the middle. Up until Love Wing Bell, they had performed 13 songs some with Nanjolno in it and others without. All in all, it was a pretty standard µ's affair. It wasn't bad, they still sung very well but, it wasn't anything we hadn't seen in the previous lives already. If anything it needed more energy to it!

After another short MC, the gates open, the bells rung and it was time for "Dancing stars on me!" which judging from the crowd's reaction was a real favorite. Considering I'm a big fan of the song too, I wasn't surprised one bit. The girls strapped on an orange apron with Halloween motives and really upped the ante with this performance. It was followed shortly after with Happy Maker!, another high tempo, high energy track which really got the crowd going.

But at the peak, it all stopped and we were greeted with another µ's Chronicle. Slight groans but, the girls do need a break. Plus, it was time to break out the sub-groups beginning with Printemps. The trio consisting of Emitsun, Shikaco and Ucchi (Honoka, Hanayo and Kotori respectively) started of with WAO-WAO Powerful day!, had a short introduction MC and proceded with NO EXIT ORION. Following of the high energy performances earlier, Printemps' performance felt a little flat and this was reflected in the crowds reaction. I can certainly understand the choice to select those two tracks as they were Printemps latest singles but, perhaps something else would have been better? Fortunately, they closed with Sweet&sweet holiday, a Printemps stable which is also an amazing track! 

This played perfectly into the introduction of the next sub-group, Lily White! When they appeared, I was perhaps the only fan (read: idiot) who cheered extremely loudly for them. It's pretty obvious I'm a big Lily White fan and couldn't wait to see them perform. They started with Omoide Ijou ni Naritakute, a track many in my live viewing appeared to be unfamiliar with (I don't blame them) but, a track that I really enjoy. Next up, was Futari Happiness and Shuunjou Romantic with a short MC in the middle. Objectively speaking, it wasn't Lily White's strongest roster but, I found it to be extremely entertaining nonetheless. But, aside from the song, my favorite aspect had to be their outfits which were dresses entirely covered in bubbles. It was so adorable! Not only that, Kussun (Nozomi) was wearing a light blue dress and Rippi (Rin) a green dress. Care to guess who's image colors are those? Definitely not their own! Of course, you could go the logical route and point out that were the colors of Lily White's original dresses when they first announced (refer: picture above). But, I prefer to let my imagination run a little wild with the former despite the latter most probably being the case.

With two of the sub-groups out of the way, what was left was the sub-group everybody had been waiting for. BiBi! The crowd went wild when the first few beats of Cutie Panther started playing and it all just got turned up to 11 when PSYCHIC FIRE started. I'm not usually a fan of BiBi but, the energy then, it was so intense and their performances really lived up to expectations. A short MC and rather comedic introductory MC later and they finished of with the relatively slower Sakkaku CROSSROADS. Still, BiBi definitely had the most impactful performance among the 3 sub-groups. Good job BiBi!

By now, the energy level was really high and you could just feel it in the crowds atmosphere. So much so that even an ensuing µ's Chronicle (Part 3 now) couldn't seem to diffuse it. What followed next had better live up to it. An opening shot of Times Square, the stage lit and we were definitely not going to be disappointed. You could hear the whole crowd cheer, it was time for, Angelic Angel. And what a phenomenal performance it was, Nanjolno pulled off the center role flawlessly and everything from the vocals to dance movements was spot on by every member of µ's. You would definitely consider this one of the highlights of the Final Live.

Not keen to disappoint, they followed up with Kaguya no Shire de Odoritai and Datte Datte Aa Mujou. Two songs which made use of the "Kimono & Fans" theme as well as plenty of "cutesy" interjections with ample use of Mimorin's(Umi) vocals. For those two tracks, Mimorin's vocals stole the show with an absolute stand out in Datte Datte Aa Mujou. Put simply, it was an absolute treat!

Things were getting great now and the pace was amazing but, another µ's Chronicle was necessary to help ease everything for the next set of performances. It felt like it finished in a heartbeat for me though as I was almost certain I knew what was coming next.

And, oh boy, was I right. Hello, Hoshi o Kazoete had me extremely excited right from the beginning and I cheered as loudly a I could the moment I heard "Hello...". This was one of my favorite songs in µ's entire roster and for good reason. It is extremely catchy, has great lyrics and really gives a chance to Rippi and Shikaco to show off their vocal prowess. You might consider it biased because, Rippi and Shikaco are my favorites but, I absolutely adored that performance! Having Shikaco (Hanayo) and Pile (Maki) switch into matching outfits as Rippi's (Rin) halfway through was also an awesome touch.

This was then followed up by ?<--HEARTBEAT which was really entertaining both to listen and watch. Kussun even did the Nozomi spin as seen in the movie and they finished off with the heart shaped glasses which I found to be pretty funny. With the first and third years done, it was time for the second years to do their thing with Future Style. Wearing Otonokizaka High School's uniform, the second years did a good job too helping to round of the entire performance before the final µ's Chronicle video intermission.

The next time we see µ's, they're all wearing the Sunny Day Song outfits and instinctively we knew that we were approaching the climax of the event. The next string of 6 songs all the way to Sunny Day Song were just everything you hoped for and more in the Final Live. The energy was amazing and everyone, and I mean everyone, was just cheering their hearts out for. It was an immensely entertaining string of performances which seemingly would not seem to end. Things hit a new high when we reached No brand girls, everybody in the crowd went all out. The positive energy then was, for the lack of better words, intoxicating. All 9 members of µ's also did an extremely good job of really delivering such high energy performances. My most memorable moment, was during Super LOVE = Super LIVE where Kussun started running (at this point the camera has been tracking her for about 4-5 seconds now) and then runs full speed into Nanjolno's arms to hug her. Everybody in the crowd let out a brief "Awwww", NozoEli ship fans must have been very happy.

There was a short MC before SUNNY DAY SONG with Rippi being tasked to teach us its dance move, it was pretty cute. Emitsun (Honoka) announced that it was their final song and then together as 9, they performed the song. The performance certainly didn't disappoint but, one  thing we all knew, it wasn't the final performance at all.

Shortly after the song ended, all 9 of them briskly got off stage. It didn't take long for chants of ENCORE, ENCORE to begin, it was loud, very loud. After a few minutes, a short video played detailing the history of µ's to buy some time for the girls to get ready. First song the moment they returned on stage? START:DASH! You would've already guessed it, this crowd favorite, set the atmosphere on fire and chants of "HEY! HEY! HEY START DASH!" filled the halls. It was sublime but, only a primer to what was coming next.

We've been all waiting for this moment the whole night and no µ's Live would be completed without this especially not the Final Live, it was Snow halation. The whole dome turned white to this Holy Grail of µ's tracks as, for one last time, we enjoy the magic that is Snow halation. The one scene, in which I'm sure you might've heard of by now, is the orange bloom and the Final Live's orange bloom was nigh incomparable to anything before it. The entire Dome lit up in bright orange luminescence lighting up even the roof of the Dome. It was magical, simply magical.

Two happy songs followed up next in the form of Oh, Love&Peace! and Donna Toki mo Zutto which was the only change in the entire roster compared to the first day. All 9 of them got on the moving stage and sang while greeting fans both off screen and on. While it was supposed to be a cheerful scene with even the little stuffed Alpacas brought out, several of the members were already starting to break out in tears. Ucchi could be seen visibly crying with all the others holding it back as best as they could but, their glistening eyes spoke volumes about how they felt then.

It was now time for the final address, each member took their turn to say their thank you and farewells. All the time, holding back their emotions and tears as best as they could. For which, I have nothing but the utmost respect for. They clearly didn't want their fans to see them crying and wanted µ's to be remembered dearly in every fan's heart. Thus, they put up their strongest front so as to not disappoint everyone. It was a really emotional moment and with Emitsun providing the final address, she ended with "this is our final song, MOMENT RING".

At this moment, any energy I had left in me to cheer seemed to have been drained out by some ethereal force. But, I wasn't going to let that stop me. I gathered myself and cheered as loudly as I could. It may be silly doing that to a screen but, it was definitely one of the best feelings I had felt in a while. Soon after it started, it had ended feeling like it ended much too soon. The girls once again disappeared back stage.

I'm sure you know where this goes next. With roaring cries of ENCORE emitting through the hall and arena, there was one last thing. One last thing that had to be fulfilled, Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari. Just like in the movie, the giant flower bloomed open and there they were. All 9 of µ's at the apex of their glory in decidedly the most emotional performance of not just the night but all the 6 Lives. To be honest, I was so caught up in the emotions that I can't honestly say I remember much of the singing. Instead it was their reactions and emotions which stuck to me the most. By now, I had heard Bokutachi was Hitotsu no Hikari hundreds of times but, nothing can replace that one Live performance. The emotions there were so raw and honest, there was no mistaking it. Everyone was in tears by the end of the performance and gathered around for a group hug, it was immensely touching.

Midway through the performance there was also the epic moment where their dresses changed colors fitting their image individual image color via an unraveling of the dress. It was a wonderful touch and an amazing sight. Another stand out moment was how Rippi tried to maintain cheerful but yelling out "Yay!" every time they converged to the center of the stage to clap hands. While we would have wanted things to go on further, the song eventually came to an end with the girls walking hand in hand from the giant flower to an elevated platform on the stage. 

This was when the most magical thing happened, with the song still playing in the background the entire arena started singing out aloud the lyrics to Bokutachis no Hitotsu no Hikari. It was so loud, it could be heard throughout the Dome. Gathering all their strength, the 9 seiyuus did their best to sing along as well and with one final push, sang out their hearts the line "いまが最高!" (this moment is the greatest!). Indeed it was and that, became the tagline for the Final Live and what better line than that?

Together they took a bow constantly thanking everybody. The elevated panel then regressed below the stage and with that, it was the last we saw of them. The crowd didn't falter and cheered "Muse, Muse" as loudly as they could until, the lights came on fully and an announcement was made that the performance had indeed ended. 

Secretly in my heart, I was hoping for more or perhaps an added announcement. Something, anything to say that µ's wasn't gone forever. But, then I remembered the kind words that were spoken, "Don't forget us" and "If µ's were to perform again the future, please make sure you're there". I took a moment to compose myself, smile, collected my belongings and left the cinema hall in an orderly fashion. It was bittersweet moment but, I felt no regret. I was there (the closest I could ever be) to the Final Live and right now, right now was the greatest moment. 



µ's ありがとう!


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