Fight On! Tiro Finale's Full Support for Nitta Emi

By know, you may have heard about the news surrounding Honoka's seiyuu, Nitta Emi. If you haven't, you can read all about it here. Honestly, I haven't any intention on going into details about "what-ifs", speculation and rumors. There's too much uncertainty at stake especially when you're discussing both the reputation and livelihood of any honest hardworking individual such as Emitsun.

What it is, is quite plain to see for all, which is nothing more than a slander campaign with the sole intention of selling more copies of a magazine and/or ruining the reputation of an individual. Five days after the Final Live, this act comes clearly per-meditated with zero respect for both Emitsun and her hard work. More than just that, it is also an insult to all her loyal fans as well as fans of Love Live by blatantly forcing a divisive factor meant to generate a stir.

Regardless of the outcome, one thing is for certain, Tiro Finale will continue to fully support Emitsun and all her future endeavors. The last thing we would want to do is fall for blatant media manipulation and we hope, fellow fans of Emitsun, Honoka and the entire Love Live universe too feels the same. After all her hardwork and contribution towards Love Live, this is the least we could do in return.

Emitsun, ファイトだよ!!!


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