SIF Coverage: Our Best Smile Conclusion

What an intense event it has been! These past eleven days, have seen some extremely competitive SIF especially with the bonus Love Gem login rewards. If you thought the previous Kotori event was competitive, Maki just goes to show why she is the Queen (to many) in the Love Live universe. Especially in the last two days where the cutoffs for both Tier(s) shot up quite significantly. 

Without further ado, let us take a look at the Top 5 positions. "HEY, YOU! WE ARE TROUBLE BUSTERS!" pretty much sums it all up. Amazing effort from the Top 5 players and I am amazed as to how they managed to all get exactly 333,333 points resulting in a shared second place. How they did it is absolutely beyond me. Equally impressive, is the first place finisher with slightly over one million points. All those zeroes, they are actual points. Just imagine how many hours he/she needed to spend on this event. Respect!

Next up, we move on to Tier 1 which cuts of at the 1000th position. This time, the score sits high at 35,157 with the honors for the final position going to "Yureomo". For all those who qualified, congratulation and enjoy your hard earned rewards!

Now, moving onto the tier which I find to always be the most competitive, Tier 2. With a wide gap between 1001st to 5000th position, a large number of players are able to qualify for it. Often when a popular character or a strong card is involved, the competition gets really heated with many players vying for the idolized version of the event's SR card. In this event, it was a combination of both factors resulting in a cutoff just slightly over 25,000 points. To think that the predicted cutoff was just 22,000 two days before the end of the event.
This has been perhaps one of the toughest events I have had to tier for in a while. The higher than usual cutoff meant I needed to invest many Love Gems in the event. As a result of that, I would have to play a proportionate amount too. Unfortunately, I procrastinated in the beginning of the event and ended up slugging it out in the last two days. Fortunately, I was not too busy on the final two days allowing me time to catch up. In the end, I finished in 3,730th position with only ~600 points over the cutoff. Cutting it a little close this time, thankfully I did not get burned.

As always, the main allure in tiering for an event always lies in its rewards. If you have successfully tiered for the event, congratulations! Your "Reward Box" should look a little something like this. My Smile team was not strong enough to qualify for Tier 1 of the Event Song Ranking thus, I only received a single Scouting Ticket from Tier 2. Not complaining at all though! Previously, I consistently only got Tier 3.

Here's the event N card, Hyodo Sayuri, upon idolizing her. The military theme here sees a fusion between officer's wear and school idol plus a healthy dose of forest camouflage.  

Here comes the moment of truth, Special Practice. As always, never forget to place the Level 60 Maki in the upper bracket. If not, you will have to level her up all over again from Level 1!

Bang! Military Maki reporting for duty.

At Level 80, the card has 4,840 Cool points on top of a Score Boost skill. As of now, Maki completely decimates all my other Cool cards by a huge margin.

Star camouflage, huh?

I wonder what Nico thinks?

On a side note, a new song has been added to the B-Side roster, it is an Aqours song! Although I have yet to hop onto the Aqours fan-wagon, I am strangely very excited about this. Really looking forward to playing this song and, hopefully, adding it to my music library. While I cannot claim to be an Aqours fan at the moment, I must say they are pulling off all the right moves at the moment and I am definitely keen to see how they grow.

Alright, that is all for today. Now, time for a little bit of rest after the relentless event that has been Maki's "Our Best Smile". Once again, thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a great day ahead!


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