Mami in Action #1.5

Mami in Action #1.5 - Re-Arming

A rather late post today but, I'm glad to announce that Tiro Finale is finally able to get on with more figure contents again. Specifically, I'll be doing many more installments of Mami in Action from now on. On February 25th, I made my first entry to the new series but, have yet to make any new additions as of late. The reason for that, is the lack of some supplies I required to assemble the Little Armory weapons.

That pivotal supply in question, is plastic cement. Something I had the unfortunate run of finishing when I needed it the most. It wasn't until a while later that I managed to get my hands on a new bottle, busy schedule and all.
Now, the plastic cement is not a necessity to build the Little Armory guns but, they do come highly recommended and I cannot stress just how important "highly" recommended it is. Sure, you can assemble the whole thing with just a pair of nippers and your two bare hands.
But, as you will come to notice, things start falling apart very quickly. More specifically, the sights and grips. While this may not be a problem for a static display, Figma figures were anything but, static displays. Having the sights fall off my other completely built up H&K MP7 constantly fall off was frustrating in and off itself and I just did not want to put up with it any further. 
As such, I waited till I had re-stocked before proceeding with any more Mami in Action segments. Now that I am fully stocked again, it was time again to get building and placing the finishing touches on the half built MP7 I had laying around.
A few minutes later and with the aid of the very hand plastic cement, it was complete magazine, sights and all! I must say, while I do like the look of the fully deployed MP7, there's something lovely about this base, retracted version. Perhaps, it is in the incognito nature of it all?
Now that this is complete, I'll be moving on to getting up to speed with Mami in Action. On top of that, this means I can start rolling out new weapons too. Exciting!
In the meantime, I leave you with this picture of petit Mami and the 1/12 Little Armory MP7 before the bigger Figma Mami comes to take its place. That's been all for today. Once again, thank you so much for reading and have a great day ahead!


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