SIF Coverage: Medley Festival Round 4 Introduction

First of all, apologies for the late coverage of Medley Festival Round 4. In between my write-up about the Final Live and a busy weekend, I have had little time in between to get to this. Nevertheless, better late than newer and here's an event I am fairly hyped up about for the two reasons. Firstly, it's Medley Festival and they're undoubtedly my favorite event type. Secondly, the center for this event is Minami Kotori. The last time I tried to tier for a Kotori event, I got burned badly and kicked out of Tier 2 albeit just slightly.

This time around, I am hoping for retribution and nothing is going to get in between me and Easter Kotori. If you haven't already noticed, that's the theme for this event "Easter" hence, the lovely painted eggs. As usual, hit 25,000 Event Points and the event SR Easter Kotori is yours. Qualify within the Top 1000 (Tier 1) or Top 5000 (Tier 2) and you'll get two and one extra respectively. As of now, the cutoffs do look pretty steep with my prediction for Tier 2 being around 55,000 points. I'm not too sure about Tier 1 so, we'll have to watch how the event progresses before commenting on that.

Since my initial coverage is a little later than usual, this gives me the oppurtunity to showcase the event N card, Shido Misaki. Matching Kotori, she's also a Smile attribute card but, her design is decidedly simpler.
As with every other Medley Festival, it's all about the crazy rewards from the all too common Alpacas to the much sought after Green Scouting Tickets. Me? They just seem to only want to give me G all the time, great. At any rate, I hope you're enjoying this post-Final Live event and doing your best to keep the Love Live fire alive.

For those of you new to Medley Festivals/School Idol Festival or would simply like some tips on how to do well for the event, you can check out my short guide. Until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have a great day!


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