Kiznaiver is an original anime television series by Trigger and Aniplex and written by Mari Okada. The premise is simple: a ragtag bunch of misfits are chosen to be Kiznaivers, individuals who all share a collective sense of pain.

When I first saw the poster to Kiznaiver, only one thought entered my mind: colourful. It was very colourful, very full of life, very sporadic, very intriguing, and immediately, I knew I had to check this series out.

I've so far seen the first three episodes of the series and I must say that it is definitely doing its job to catch my interest. From the incredibly fast-paced animation style to the detailed, reinforced character interactions, Kiznaiver shines as a more robust anime that leans on the thematic approach of its characters. After all, it is by Trigger.

I can't really say much regarding the story considering I don't think they've even finished the prologue. The last three episodes were used to establish the characters, their personalities and their overall understanding of the current situation of things. Nothing more, nothing less.

But unlike Grimgar, which spent a good number of empty animation sequences setting the atmosphere of the story, Kiznaiver does this with a clever blend of great dialogue sequences, hilariously entertaining animations and very meticulous voice acting. This resulted in a more genuine, accessible setting for me to get invested into.

I could give a brief introduction to each character but I'd rather you watch the anime for yourself and allow them to naturally assimilate into your mind.


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