Persona 5 Countdown!

So, Atlus decided to start a countdown timer for a Persona 5 related announcement. What could it be about?

P.S. As a Persona fan, I must apologise for bringing the news so late to the table. However, life dictates that I can't just do what I want. Damn it life!

The ideal reveal would be the final Persona 5 trailer with a release date. The trailer should feature the remaining cast of the game and the main theme song. In other words, they should give us the anime opening that we've come to love from every Persona game. In addition to that, I want them to showcase the release date for all versions of the game (Japanese and English if not worldwide).

Though, we've not received any English trailers or news about English VAs so asking for a worldwide release seems quite unlikely. If anything, Summer 2016 is the Japanese release while the English release would be either Winter 2016 at best or Spring 2017.

Usually big releases tend to spread apart from one another (as good marketing would point out). Final Fantasy XV is being released at the end of September and going up against Square Enix is something that Atlus can consider with their Persona franchise. But this isn't some random Final Fantasy title and I doubt Atlus would want to go up against the game that can potentially steal their crown. Instead, I believe they may release it closer to when Tales of Berseria gets released in English, which is in Spring 2017.

That being said though, Atlus knows their English fanbase is enormous and that delay last year could possibly have been issued partly to aid in the localisation of the game. In that case, seeing an English release date this fall right after the summer release date for the Japanese version of the game does not seem so far-fetched.

All in all, I want to eat my words and cry in despair as I destroy my piggybank when the countdown reaches its epic conclusion. I want to play Persona 5 in all its glory.


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