SIF Coverage: Shattering Old Records

Don't you just love Bunny Girls? I mean, don't you just love setting new records? Especially the personal ones. They're a great way to gauge your growth and set goals. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a short story on my personal goal when it comes to any Medley Festival.

A sneak peek at my Smile Team
Towards the end of the second song, I was sitting at a 966 Combo with a score edging on an A Score. Never ever have I gotten this far (by the end of the second song), and I was getting really excited! "This could be the run where I best my old record of a 1039 Combo", I told myself. While it certainly looked that way, I still needed to steel my nerves and complete the final song.

Ultimately, I cleared it with a 1258 Combo and the highest I've ever scored in Medley Festival 3x EX at slightly over 1.2 million points. While I still made two mistakes, the first miss during Music START and the second good in Ai wa Taiyou Janai? Not a perfect score but, I still felt really good. Why? 

Because this shows, as I move from event to event and song to song, I am gradually improving. Part of this is what makes SIF such a great game and Medley Festival a real challenge for all players. Coincidentally, these are also the most event points I've gained per play so far. Right now, the goal is definitely to net my first full combo 3x EX play but, I'm in no real rush. As long as I keep this up and improve consistently, I'm sure one day I'll get there.

For those of you striving to reach your personal SIF goals as well, I wish you all the best! Until the next time, thanks for reading and have a fantastic day ahead. 

UPDATE: After a particularly spirited round, I did it! I managed to complete my first Full Combo 3 EX song.


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