The Waifu Lineup!

Miia is probably the poster girl for waifus nowadays
Everyone has their one and only waifu. I, however, have taken the initiative to have a waifu for every series. There are normal waifus but there are also true waifus. True waifus are characters who, despite all odds, claim the top of the lineup, transcending medium and genre entirely!

And now, I'm going to share them with you. Not all of them, just some of the better ones, the ones which I can recall whenever someone mentions waifu. And they're also not in any order, probably except for number 1.

1) Mikasa Ackerman

Badassery confirmed
Mikasa Ackerman, the main female protagonist of Attack on Titan. She's extremely strong, caring, fierce and ruthless, all the necessary qualities for the ultimate 2D female representative. She takes no bullshit, does things efficiently and values the lives of her comrades over her own. She also possesses a very distinct and almost defining Eren-complex, which is actually pretty damn cute (though if either of them dies by the end of the series, the author better watch his back!)

The face she makes when you so much as touch Eren
Her stoic personality in the series is deeply rooted with a very touching backstory, which gives an insight as to why she wears the scarf even in summer. Her character isn't a sexual exploit either, with emphasis placed on her skills and personality rather than her extremely tempting exterior. Sure, the over-dependency on Eren can get Feminazis raging for days on end but one can say that that's a psychological traumatic wall from her youth transfiguring into the Eren-complex we know and love today.

She cries only for Eren
I'm always one for a badass female character in any sort of media. It isn't because I'm a feminist or that I want women to be represented as much as men or any sort of noble reason. I just find that badass female characters tend to exert a 'cool factor' that extends past what any male character can pull off. I believe the root of this does lie in the under-representation of female characters but regardless of a reason, putting a female in the limelight definitely does more justice than most people would believe.

I cannot emphasise enough how you should NOT touch Eren
If one were to ask who is my top waifu, I can say that it will probably be Mikasa. My default image of a waifu seems to always fall back on her. Heck, I even went out and ordered a figurine (marking my first ever figurine) just for her! I liked her that much! Of course, now, I plan to collect all my waifu figurines but I don't think I can explain it to my friends and family.

Picture by AmiAmi because I do not want to remove my Mikasa from her pedestal
2) Megumin

Don't worry, everyone from the Crimson Magic (Demon?) Clan is like that
Megumin is one of the female protagonists in KonoSuba. Yes, a series that I did not even hear about before the start of this year has a character in my waifu list. Not only that but she's a loli. Sure, she's a fictional, 2D anime character but it doesn't beat the fact that I now have a full-on loli in my waifu list.

Megumin is an incredibly eccentric character, not least because of the fact that she comes from a clan whose goal in life is to be over-the-top in everything, turning the 'cool factor' to maximum overdrive. In other words, a chuunibyou. Megumin's one true love is Explosion magic and regardless of the circumstances and target, simply using Explosion magic can get her giddy with joy.

Explosion, however, isn't Megumin's only defining characteristic. She's funny, sweet, kind and caring to her comrades. In fact, aside from being the highest level among all of them, Megumin also cares the most about their team more than any of them. She cherishes her life with her comrades and will not sit back if one of them is belittled. She tries her best to keep their lives together and constantly worries about their well-being.

Don't let this look fool you!
She was also voted as the most popular character in the series in a recent poll. Not only that, but Megumin has her own spin-off light novel as well. It takes place a year before Kazuma gets transported into the world and stars both Megumin and Yunyun. She's not just my loli waifu. She's everyone else's loli waifu too.

3) Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade (Shinobu form debatable)

Sadness? Evilness? Pity?
Don't let that long name fool you, Kissshot is an incredibly powerful aberration. With the title of the strongest aberration in the world, Kissshot can easily take on multiple foes and is almost unrivaled in combat. She's sort of like Mikasa, but a more evil version. Kissshot was never a hero, in fact, she's a villain. Even in her cute Shinobu form, she's never out to truly protect anyone but herself and Araragi.

You can't not find her appealing
Besides that, her name and moniker itself deserves praise. The aberration slayer, the iron-blooded, hot-blooded, yet cold-blooded vampire, Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade. If that isn't a mouthful, I don't know what is.

4) Nakiri Erina

Please step on me
Nakiri Erina, the ultimate tsundere waifu! She's the main female protagonist of Shokugeki no Soma contrary to popular belief and remains to be the destined wife of Yukihira Soma. Erina is graceful, elegant and incredibly brutal in her judgement of food and if you can't match up to her expectations, you're as good as dead.

Cold eyes of hotness
Her tsundere personality complements her looks perfectly. In fact, her portrayal in the manga is so well defined that it's almost as if the author created the word 'tsundere' itself. I, for one, love blonde, tsundere characters. I mean, that's the whole package! And she even HAS a package to boot!

Erina is also incredibly adorable, especially when it comes to her near clueless side of the common world.

"H-How shameless..."
Every fan is expectantly waiting for the inevitable romance between her and Soma, especially with the heavily hinted introduction into the series. And when it does happen, she would probably reach a new level of tsundere unlike anything we've seen before.

Tsunderes > Everything.

5) Celty Sturluson

Biker girl
Celty is arguably the true protagonist of Durarara!! She's all kinds of sex appeal minus the head. She wears a tight leather suit, rides a bike and uses a scythe in battle. Her lack of a head is negated by the fact that she can still convey her shy, caring personality through her smartphone (and in extension for the anime, she is voiced for whatever she types).

Celty also possesses and incredibly cute love story with that of her one true love, Shinra. Watching both of them together, whether alone or not, is both adorable and cringe-worthy. Adorable from Celty's rather reserved side of things and cringe-worthy from Shinra's constant declaration of true love.



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