SIF Coverage: New EX Songs

It's a Friday, I'm really tired from a long day and I'm not to sure what exactly to cover for Tiro Finale today. Thankfully, upon booting up SIF, there's something which put a smile to my face. New EX Songs are to be added to the B-sides tomorrow (16th April)!

The new songs which will be added to the roster are as shown above, starting with Datte Datte Aa Mujo. Following that, each subsequent song will be released on their planned dates. Having a new EX song to try out right on a weekend is always great especially one before the new event starts. 

How will these new songs fare? Only one way to know, play them. By the way, have you noticed how there are only two B-Side songs for Easy, Normal and Hard but, tonnes of choices for the EX difficulty? They should definitely introduce more songs to the normal B-side roster.

Alright, that's been all for today's short update on Tiro Finale. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a good weekend ahead!


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