Mami in Action #02

Mami in Action #02 - New Arms

One week earlier, I teased a new addition to Mami in Action. A week later, I decided to get off my lazy butt and get to taking the actual shots rather than let Mami continue to collect the dust. I'm sure she would not like it and neither would I. To make up for it, I introduce a new firearm to Mami's arsenal in this addition. Initial impressions? She sure seems to like it.

With the stock and vertical grip collapsed, this lethal PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) immediately becomes more pose-friendly. Holding it upright with a single hand does not look so awkward anymore and fits Mami's proportions fairly well too.

The entire length of the gun is reduced drastically too, thanks to the omission of the suppressor. The only protruding bit now would be the magazine but, even that too, can be removed for a cleaner sleeker look.
The iron sights are flipped down too, a really neat touch that really adds to the realism of the gun. Kudos to Tomytec on that! They can be slid off the Picatinny rail on top and swapped with the flipped up iron sights or an ACOG sight, both of which come included with the kit. I chose to cement the sights in place though as they had a tendency to fall off and being such a small part, I did not want to lose it.

Keeping it close to the chest, just like a real operative would

Mami taking a closer inspection of the MP7

What does she think?

Looks like, she approves!

More importantly, how is it like down the firing range?

Only Mami can answer that but, down the (photo) shooting range it nicely fits into every frame.

Aiming might be a little difficult with the sights down, no?

That's where Mami's Puella Magi powers come in!

Alright, that has been all for today's edition of Mami in Action. Make sure to stay tuned to Tiro Finale where we will be covering for Figma Mami x Little Armory content. Until next time, thanks for reading and have a great day ahead.


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