SIF Coverage: The Love Gem Rush

Today is a great day to play School Idol Festival because of the sudden potential to get a fair sum of Love Gems fairly quickly. Starting with the login bonus for Day 21, all players receive 1 Love Gem granted they haven't broken their streak. Next up, was an event reward as Love Gems are awarded at various point milestones. It just happened that my first song of the day brought this reward upon me.
Next up, was the latest EX Song added to the B-Sides, the much awaited Bokura wa Ima no Naka de! I was fairly excited for its addition as I was beginning to get a little weary of the current roster already.
The song may be a 10 Star Expert difficulty song which may scare off newer players. But, just by clearing the Live, you are automatically rewarded 1 Love Gem for your hard work. All the more reason to try that little bit harder!

Honestly speaking though, as far as 10 Star songs go, this one is fairly manageable with only 434 notes in total. Each notes corresponds fairly well with the beat of the song making it a fun song to play along to. On top of that, Bokura wa Ima no Naka de is perhaps one of µ's more popular songs so, there's no way you wouldn't catch along to the beat from early on.

Successfully achieve a Full Combo for the song and you will be rewarded with yet another Love Gem bringing the total to 4 Love Gems. This alone makes up for a quarter of the Love Gem requirement to tier for the current Maki event. Now, you see why I'm so excited for today.

To wrap it all up, my sweep of good fortune continued with a random R Umi reward. While I already have the idolized version in my inventory, this will do just fine for the upcoming Sticker/Seal Shop that is coming in Version 3. How was your SIF experience today? Did you receive similar fortune or did something bad befall you?

Well then, until next time, thanks again so much for reading and have a great day ahead of you!


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