Figure Wishlist #04

Figure Wishlist #04 - Wave Beach Queen Super Sonico

We're back with a new segment of Figure Wishlist, this time featuring yet even more Super Sonico! Could it be I am a massive fan of Super Sonico? Or rather, her figures are so hugely popular, manufacturers do not shy from churning out a new one every month. Recently, Wave themselves too have issued a re-fresh of their Beach Queen Super Sonico, this time dubbed "Special Version" with the biggest difference being a shift from a fair to tanned skin tone.  That was the spark which rekindled my interest in a Sonico figure that had long been in my wishlist but, had not gotten around to for various reasons (finance being one of them).

From arcade prize figures to full on premium scales, Sonico can be found in any shape, form and even outfit which makes her an absolute favorite among figure collectors. But, ff there was one thing you can count on as a control factor, it would be a revealing outfit. With the exception of a few masterpieces, like GSC's Tora Parka Sonico, nine-out-of-ten times Sonico would be sporting a fairly revealing/skimpy number.

Circa 2014, when it was Wave's turn to add Sonico to their Beach Queens series, you could bet that they would follow the tried and true formula of adding less clothes to boost Sonico's already overflowing sex appeal. The final result wasn't going to just be any ordinary swimsuit, it was a shiny silver micro-bikini matched with light pink thigh-high stockings and high heels. No doubt a killer combination but, that alone did not make up the winning formula which made this Beach Queen such a hit.

Rather than the outfit alone, the pose too played a pivotal role in selling the whole Sonico illusion. Holding an ice cream cone in her right hand and sporting a surprised expression at the sight of the crab (by the base), it gives off a very casual vibe. Almost as if, Sonico and friends were just paying a visit to the beach and on the way back from getting ice cream, she is genuinely startled by a more than curious little red crab. Oh, and all while wearing that incredibly impractical swimsuit. It's genius!

Curiously enough, the upcoming S-Style Swimsuit Sonico by GSC also features Sonico in a pose with ice cream and a micro(~ish)-bikini albeit a black one. Surely Wave must have hit a winning formula and GSC is keen to emulate it. This is reflected even in the re-sellers market where you would be expected to pay a minimum of 4,500-5,000 Yen for a pre-owned one and upwards of 7,000 Yen for one in mint condition. Pay a visit to your local hobby store and you will notice that Sonico commands a definite premium over the other Beach Queens, if they still have her in stock that is.

With Sonico eating ice cream so often, could some of that have gone to her hips? Which brings me to the final point on why this figure so endearingly remains in my wishlist, Sonico's body and I'm not referring to her bountiful bosom. From initial conception, Sonico had always been drawn with a slightly plump body and it has widely become accepted as the "ideal" Sonico body shape by many fans. This, unfortunately, is not emulated in every figure with some preferring to portray on the slimmer side. Fortunately, Wave decided to go with plump Sonico and that's apparent especially in her waist and thighs. Why do fans prefer her that way? I suppose because it appears to be more realistic?

Although, let's be honest, Sonico's figure is anything but realistic. It's the highest form of fantasy and one that, if you're honest with yourself about, will bring you much more enjoyment once you come to terms with that. Currently, I'm still torn between the original issue and the tanned Special Version (which I'll be talking about more tomorrow). While I constantly run this trivial argument in my head over and over again, you can feel free to check out the official pages of both the original and Special Version over at Wave's website.

Once again, thanks so much for reading and have a fantastic day ahead!


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