Fubuki SPM Figure Review

We have got another figure in for review as we finish of our Kancolle theme with the titular character from the anime, Fubuki. Earlier in the year, we have already covered one of Sega's SPM Figure offerings into the Kancolle series and, today we are going to take a look at yet another to see if it is any much better. Before getting into the review, some basic information about the figurine itself.
  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Series: SPM Figure
  • Price: ~1,500 - 1,800 Yen (prize figure)
  • Release Date: 29th October 2015
  • Scale: Non-scale 
  • Height: ~200 mm
  • Material: PVC
The first thing that strikes you upon looking at the figure, is its height. At approximately 200 mm, Fubuki stands tall and is a rather large figurine. A plus for anyone who prefers their figurines to have more "shelf-presence" or just larger figures in general.

The backpack is not too large either so as to not take away the attention from Fubuki itself. At this size, it more closely resembles a haversack rather than a battle pack.

Up close, the facial details are alright. Mediocre at best I would say. Plus, the serious expression Fubuki is sporting does not really match her typical demeanor. Although I do suppose some may prefer this look instead as they are battle-trained fleet girls after all.

While the top half is rather plain, the bottom half has a lot more going on with all of Fubuki's usual Destoryer-class armaments. The two large triple-torpedo launchers are mounted high up on her thighs. They look really imposing and are a perfect contrast to her flowing skirt and slim thighs. 

Her main turret is equipped on her right hand with a tanned brown strap looping around her left shoulder. I often joke that the turret looks like a watering can more than a weapon. With its small caliber barrel the turret looks wholly unimpressive. But, one detail that I do like very much is the aforementioned strap. The light brown color works so well to contrast Fubuki's white and blue. I am glad Sega decided to deviate from the source art to add a little more color to Fubuki's design.

Here is a closer look at her main armaments.

They white tipped torpedo(s) are actually accurate to the source material.

Then, there are her battle boots! These things look really cool with their steel anklets and rudders at the back. Without them I suppose the Fleet Girls would not be able to traverse over the surface of the ocean as easily as they do.

Here is a closer look at the left boot. The red sole is a nice touch of color too!

And here is a closer looks at the right boot. There is a noticeable nip mark on the anklet but, otherwise everything looks good. The base has also been colored a deep clear blue to emulate the ocean. 

We shift the focus to Fubuki's backpack now. Despite being quite simple, there are quite a lot of little details which help bring everything together. For starters, there is the grate atop the smokestack/funnel which is actually perforated.

The dark brown straps which secure the backpack to Fubuki are also neatly executed. Note the red hairband used, all in the little details.

There are two more exhaust ports on the backpack and these make it look like boosters from a mecha's backpack instead. That is certainly a plus in the design department.

Here we take a closer look at the straps which fasten the backpack. Despite being a separate piece, there is no give between the two components as they have been securely glued to one another.

And here is a look from another side. No nasty paint spillage going on here fortunately.

A few long angle shots to capture Fubuki's serious expression.

Perhaps she left the kettle on back home?

Another look at Fubuki's armaments

While I have been talking about Fubuki's strong points all throughout the review, she is not without certain niggles and flaws you should be aware of before making your purchase.

For starters, the overall production quality is not great even by prize figure standards. This is something I have begun to notice about Sega's SPM Figures where seemingly quality is traded off for size. Just take a look at that head seam!

I am sure even you have noticed some discrepancies in quality from the pictures too. From the errant nip mark to the jarring seam lines, these really serve to detract from the illusion of the figure. A matter where Fubuki or any SPM Figure for that matter amplifies due to their size making these faults appear all the more noticeable.

We take a break from complaints for this epic shot of Fubuki.

Then, there is the surface finish which leaves much to be desired especially the finish on the skin. It appears too glossy and far too reflective. 

There is no doubt the color choices and sculpt are good but, this is seemingly let down by the poor production qualities. Which then leads to the question, is it worth getting? Yes but, only at the right price. Nothing more than 1,500 Yen and you should not expect to pay a Yen more than that. 

For all that it is worth, Fubuki comes much more recommended than Yuudachi having an overall better fit and finish. That said, if you are not in any particular rush, perhaps it would be a better idea to save up first for a newer better Fubuki scale to come in the future? 

With that, we wrap up our final review for a while as I will be off to Japan next. Fret not as there will plenty of exciting new content from there. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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