Tokyo Days 16 - Tokyo Tower

Despite having gone to Tokyo Tower multiple times, I have yet to actually go up it before. Seeing as it was the weekend and the weather was good, I decided to take the short walk from my place to Tokyo Tower. Unsurprisingly, there were many visitors both foreign and local seeing as it was the weekend.

900 Yen later and I was atop Tokyo's iconic red and white building which shared an all too uncanny resemblance with the Eiffel Tower.

From Tokyo Tower's observatory, you could get a good look of Tokyo's surrounding skyline especially if the weather was good like today.
You can even see Tokyo's other landmark skyscraper, Tokyo Skytree from the observatory.

Being the metropolitan city that it is, Tokyo sure had no shortage of concrete, glass and steel.

But, that is not all Tokyo has to offer.

Right at the foot of Tokyo lies one of the largest shrines in Tokyo and a worth visit for anyone checking out Tokyo Tower.

Next to it, is a large public park too.

Look back far enough and you will be able to spot Odaiba, one of my favorite places in Tokyo.

Despite all the building and roads, Tokyo still manages to stay relatively green.

A refreshing change from all the traffic and trains.

That said, Tokyo is not a city which is going to stop growing anytime soon as it continues to expand.

Many of Tokyo's buildings have remained the same over the pass few decades.

But, there are also new landmarks constantly popping up like these three new buildings in the Minato District.

Like every self-respecting tower, Tokyo Tower had a see through floor too.

Which seemed to interest many tourists passing by.

Me included but, I did find this view rather lacking.

The solution? Time to take a walk!

Just like the exterior, the stairs are painted bright red as well.

Locks on a cage? Never gets old although, I am pretty sure they get removed periodically to prevent unnecessary load bearing on the tower.

A large ball of LEDs, these light up at night illuminating the tower.

The view from the staircase was something else completely and it was rather difficult to photograph too.

At some points, I swore the building was swinging! After all, any structure tall enough does not actually remain still but moves around gently as the wind blows.

A gentle reminder.

These rivets look so awesome! They are something I definitely miss from older construction methods.

The only yellow I have come to see so far.

A marvel of engineering that post-war Japan wanted to prove it was capable of.

At the end of the staircase, it was a one-way exit. Going back up would be via an opposing set of staircases.

I was not really keen to walk back up again and having seen my fill, I decided to head back down.

Well then, Tokyo Tower it has been fun. Maybe I will see you again another time soon for a night visit?


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