Tokyo Days 11 - The Weekend Haul

The rainy season is truly upon those of us in Tokyo right now. Today itself, the rain started early at 4 a.m. in the morning till the late evening. Heavy showers and light drizzles throughout the day meant both good and bad things. It was nice to have the rain as it was a welcome escape from the summer heat but, the persistent drizzle throughout the day meant not much outdoor activities could be done. As such, we have for you today some special indoor activity covering my haul from Mandarake Nakano over the weekend.
Starting with this little Charlotte/Bebe cushion from the first Magiccraft Kuji as a G Prize. I was initially reluctant but, at only 400 Yen I could not afford to say no.

More Mami Kyun-chara figures, this time a C Prize from one of the many Madoka Magica Kuji(s).

My first ever Mami T-shirt! Can you believe it? Plus, it only costs 800 Yen!

More Bebe shenanigans with a decorated plate. Also from the Magiccraft Kuji as a H Prize.

Next up is something I earlier convinced myself to stop collecting, posters. This particular one was the F Prize from the Magiccraft Kuji. Probably the shifting factor was the really reasonable 600 Yen asking price.

Clear files, utility and fandom both rolled into one simple product. 200 Yen for 3 designs and also a Kuji prize. Rebellion, I believe.

Now this, this caught me by surprise as I did not expect to find this really rare Lawson x Madoka Magica clear file. Mami looks so demure in the Lawson-outfit styled dress and I just had to have it.

Finally, there is this rather obscure purchase of what appears to be a mini-figure of Mami likely a Gashapon prize. I have not done any prior research on this but, I have seen it around and about in a few shops prior. I always skipped out on it because the quality was not great and they were often sold for prices above 500 Yen. At 200 Yen, I figured, why not?

In total, the bill comes up to 3,700 Yen which is 1,300 Yen needed to claim tax-free purchases from Mandarake. Well, it looks like it has come to a point where getting anymore Mami merchandise is going to be rather difficult as I seem to have collected most of them already. I suppose that is a good thing as it means I would not have to spend so much. On that final cash-saving note, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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