Tokyo Days 10 - The Seiko Museum (Part 1)

I visited the Seiko Museum today, a place I have always wanted to visit but missed out on my previous trips to Japan.

Located in Chiyoda, the small 4-storey museum was a 40 minute train ride from town.

While the entrance time was only from 10.00 a.m. till 3.30 p.m. it was free making it a worth visit even if you were not big on watches

There were 2 floors of exhibits in total.

The first floor covered the history and importance of time keeping

From sundials and early pendulum clocks;

To the navigational paramount marine chronometers, there were good example of them all.

Pocket watches were a common sight in the early days of horology too.

Seiko in particular is one of the biggest watch manufacturers not just out of Japan but of the world.

They even grow their own quartz crystals.

Old clocks often saw a combination of arabic and roman numerals.

Seiko's first alarm clock

This playful clock was placed outside the elevator the 2nd Floor.

Where upon entering the 2nd Floor, you will be greeted with even more playful clocks.

With the push of a button, Donald Duck speaks and in Japanese no less.

There are popular characters too.

Even Pokemon is not excluded. Of course. the rest of the 2nd Floor was then going to be serious stuff which I will cover in the second part.


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