Tokyo Days 18 - Sengaku-ji Shrine

Have you ever heard of the tale of the 47 Ronin? The historical Japanese folklore of the 47 master-less samurai who plotted in secrecy for years to get revenge for the death of their master. It is an endearing tale of loyalty and sacrifice of the highest honor which holds even till today. The Sengaku-ji Shrine is said to be the burial grounds of these honored 47 individuals and a place that was immediately upon my to-visit list upon finding out about its locale.

Located just a 400 meter walk away from the Sengaku-ji subway station, the shrine is easily accessible to all.

Like most shrines, there is no entrance fee so, you may come and go as you like.

At the entrance of the shrine lies a large memorial for the 47 Ronin.

Standing atop it, is the leader of the 47.

Despite being small in size, the shrine is still very intricately detailed.

The courtyard is fairly small in comparison to other shrines in Tokyo.

But, there are lovely trees which look great in Summer.

The main shrine itself is the center point of it all and one of the largest structure on the shrine grounds.

Summer means the trees still have bright green leaves on them.

Now, I was completely surprised to see one of these and in a shrine no less! With slightly over 1000 units produced and for the Japanese market only, the Toyota Origin is one of the rare gems of Japanese automotive. To top it all off, it is one of the last production cars by Toyota to sport the venerable 2JZ engine, the same heart of the legendary Toyota Supra.

Of course, not every part of the shrine is accessible to the public.

Another look at the courtyard from a different angle.

Spotted some playful details too!

Summer sure is a great time if you are a nature lover.

It may not be blooming like Spring but, the greenery is very nice too.

There is a museum located in the shrine dedicated to the 47 Ronin but, you will need to pay an entrance fee for it.

A well guarded well?

More off limit areas.

This secondary gate leads to the other part of the shrine.

Which would be the grave site of the 47 Ronin.

Each one described and detailed in this plaque.

The stone pavement and concrete fences looked really new which made me wonder, how recent was this done?

One more look at the main shrine. If you visit, do not forget to say a prayer here too.

And this rare Toyota, this would probably be the last time I see one.

Because of structural worries, visitors will have to enter by a side entrance.

The short path leading up to the shrine itself had some shops on the side selling various trinkets and tidbits.

Fortunately, the shop owners did not seem to mind me taking photos.

Lastly, here is a look at the auxiliary gate which leads up to the main gate. All in all, this small but, lovely shrine can be completed in half an hour at a fairly brisk pace and forty five minutes if you take your time. If you ever happen to be in or around the area, it is definitely worth taking a look! Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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