SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 19 Conclusion

After 11 days of grueling competition, Score Match Round 19 has finally come to an end. I have never been so glad to have an event end before especially with this double-SR event's insane cutoff growth. This is perhaps one of the most competitive events ever on SIF's EN server with a predicted 10,000 players having invested Love Gems in it. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the rankings.

It is almost a given the top positions would be populated by Eli fans but, to see a Rin fan tie for  the top position. Now, that is impressive! Not to mention, the equally impressive 1,666,666 points accumulated by the two of them. Of course, none of this would not be complete without a name train to mark this landmark event.
That said, this event has left a good number of people especially unhappy about how KLab are handling things especially for those who planned to tier. Due to the extremely competitive nature of the event from the get go, the cutoff for Tier 1 ended at 120,361 points. That final 1000th spot goes to Usako. I cannot begin to imagine just how many Love Gems needed to be invested to qualify for Tier 1.

Moving on to Tier 2, the cutoffs here too were no less extreme with the final cutoff being 94,485 points. The honor of that final spot goes to BiBi. In general, anybody who qualified Tier 2 and above receives a definite pat on their back for the amount of time and Love Gems they had to invest.
Even I only barely managed to qualify for Tier 2 and this is after a huge 31 gem investment on my side. This would also be the first event where I have started playing my Score Matches in EX difficulty in order to be more efficient with time.

The rewards are certainly bountiful though as those who qualify for Tier 2 receive double the usual event rewards together with a single Green Scouting Ticket. Those who qualify for Tier 1 receive 2 extra SRs (Rin & Eli) and two Green Scouting Tickets.

Isabella in idolized Masquerade form.

And Saiki Fuu in idolized Track & Field form

Finally, Masquerade Eli! It is no surprise this is one of the more popular Eli SRs as she looks so pretty in that dress.

The idolized Track & Field Rin is not too shabby either. The orange sports uniform with the white and blue jacket really suit her!

Here is how it is in card form. Pity the red of the dress does not blend well with the Pure's green background.

Rin in card form is surprisingly perfect though.

Isabella in card form with a Smile attribute.

And Saiki Fuu with a Pure Attribute. Train them up quick because that is 2 free Love Gems right there.

Not forgetting, a quick look at the idolized SR stats beginning with Eli. At Level 80, she has 4,760 Pure Points which would very easily find itself accepted into any player's Pure Team.

Rin is no slouch either with 4,770 Cool Points to back her up as one of the strongest Cool Event SRs.

To wrap it all up, here is the post-event new EX song which has been added to the roster, No Brand Girls. At a 9 Star difficulty, this is one of the easier EX songs to handle and a great way to learn the ropes of EX difficulty. New members are going to be added to the Sticker Shop on the 1st of July which also coincides with the new event, a KotoUmi Medley Festival. Yes, another double-SR event, one can only hope things do not get as out of hand as it did here. Well, until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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