Tokyo Days 1 - The First Night

So, here we are back in Tokyo, Japan. After a 7 hour flight, which honestly did not feel like a 7 hour flight at all, I am back and will be so for the duration of the next 2 months. Unlike previous trips where I came with family and friends, I am all alone this time with my only companion being the trusty and lovable Bebe-chan. What's up with Bebe you may ask? Well, she is just happy to be back home to where she belongs.

What does a bottle of Mets Cola have to do with anything, well you will soon find out. Arriving late at night, I had to take one of the last trains remaining into the city. Not too difficult considering I have done this a number of times and pretty much gotten the hang of it already. Arriving at my hotel, I had been planning to share pictures of Tokyo's majestic night skyline but, there is going to be none of that today as, A) the building I am in is not near tall enough and B) there is another taller building positioned right in front of my hotel. Right, not the most picturesque place of all but, with hotel rates in Tokyo being what they are, you take what you get. Feeling a little hungry from the whole trip, I decided to drop by the nearest Lawson to get something and that is where you see that bottle of cola above you.

I had never drunk Mets' Cola in all my time in Japan and, trust me on this, I have drunk a lot of beverages in Japan. Seeing it was on discount and had this nifty little free gift bundle with it, I figured "why not?". Well, cola pretty much tastes like cola. But, the Evangelion themed smartphone holder? Now, that was pretty neat. I never had one much less have the need for one but, I cannot deny the nice finish the clear acrylic has.

First anime-related merchandise of the trip then? Yeap, very much so. Just hours after landing, the anime presence is already strong in this trip of mine despite being purely coincidental. At the back of my mind, I was hoping for some Madoka Magica merchandise seeing as it was the Lawson. Only problem is, it was Lawson Natural. As a type this, the hour hand has just passed three signifying the need for sleep real soon. As such, I will close today's entry on this note.

Watch this spot for more daily entries of my adventures in Tokyo. In the meantime, coverage of SIF's latest event is coming real soon. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you, wherever you are, have a wonderful day ahead!


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