Tokyo Days 24 - IWC Ginza

While it may not appear immediately apparent, I am actually an individual with many hobbies. From my deep-rooted love for electronics in the form of photography and building computers to my appreciation for the arts in terms of model kits and figures, my hobbies have always taken many shapes and forms throughout the different phases of my life. One thing you might have noticed is that I also have a passion for mechanics which translates to my love for automobiles and watches. Of which, one of my favorite Swiss watch brands is the International Watch Company, or IWC for short. Finding out they had a boutique in Ginza, I marked my calendar for a visit there myself!

Located on 6-7-16 Ginza Iwatsuki Building, the IWC boutique is also parallel with boutiques of many of Swiss' best watchmakers! Even A.Lange & Sohne had a boutique there too!

The watch in particular that I had my eyes on was this bad boy, IWC's recently released Mark XVIII Le Petit Prince. Quoted a price of 450,000 Yen, this was indeed much steeper than the prices one would be able to get online. Such is as I have noticed about IWC timepieces in Japan but, the local following here is still fairly strong.

The Le Petit Prince version of the Mark XVIII differs from the standard Mark XVIII with its gorgeous sunray blue dial and a different engraved case back. The standard Mark XVIII which came in blue or white were good lookers too but, my heart is definitely set on the Le Petit Prince version!

Despite the steep prices, I would recommend anyone in the market for an IWC piece to definitely check out the Ginza boutique with its friendly staff and frankly impressive collection. Not to mention, there are even two stunning Ginza boutique exclusive pieces on show too! Now, all that is left is to find an appropriate dealer who can sell it to me cheaper than the recommended retail price of 3,690USDD. Hard as it may seem, it is actually a very plausible task. In the meantime, thanks again so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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