SIF Coverage - Score Match Round 19 Begins

Score Match Round 19 has begun and this time around it is a double event combining both Score Match Round 19 and 20 (from the JP Server) into a single event. Why KLab decided to go with this is anyone's guess as there was no official statement for this. But, it is likely so that the EN Servers will be able to catch up to both the JP Server and Aqours release. As usual, this is an 11 day event running from the 17th till the 27th of May.

Just like every other Score Match before it, you are pitted against 3 other players/bots in a match to see who can score the highest for the selected song. Altogether, there are 5 difficulties and players receive an event point multiplier for achieving both scoring and finishing high. Because this is a double event, there were also be two event SR(s) up for grabs. The unidolized SR Masquerade Eli becomes available once a total of 22,500 event points has been accumulated. 

The SR Track & Field Rin comes in at 27,500 points. Hence, even if you are not planning to tier, there is plenty to gain from just progressing through the event.

If you do plan to tier though, the rewards there are "doubled" too with both the event SR(s) offered as rewards for Tier 2 and above. Seeing as how this is the first double event in a long time, I am fairly certain the cutoffs will be very high. Get ready to spend those hard earned Love Gems.

Before we end the coverage, here is a quick look at the one of the two un-idolized N event card, Isabella. Just like the double SR(s), there will also be double N(s) with the second being Saiki Fuu. 

You should not wait any longer and get cracking with the event already because that is exactly what I am going to do. Rather not leave it all to the end like all my previous events. At any rate, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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