Madoka Magica ~Magiccraft II~ Ichiban Kuji

Good news, there is a new Madoka Magica Ichiban Kuji in town! This time it is a continuation of the previous Magiccraft theme, aptly named Magiccraft II. With the initial Magiccraft Kuji being such a success, it comes to no surprise that Banpresto would do a second round for it. Slated for release on the 11th of June 2016, the lottery will come with an entrance fee of 620 Yen per ticket. Similar to the previous Magiccraft Kuji, the first part will focus more on the concept art with the actual figures being released in another Kuji in the future. Without further ado, let us break down each individual prize.
A Prize: Charlotte Cushion
B Prize: Kaname Madoka Visual Board (B3 Size)
C Prize: Akemi Homura Visual Board (B3 Size)
D Prize: Tomoe Mami & Momoe Nagisa Visual Board (B3 Size)
E Prize: Miki Sayaka Visual Board (B3 Size)
F Prize: Sakura Kyouko Visual Board (B3 Size)
So there you have the A-F prizes where, despite their increasing alphabetical order, they would most probably have the number of units of per lottery. This means every prize from A-F are equally rare and sought after. Where previously a Bebe cushion was the A Prize, it has now been shifted to Charlotte. On the side of the "Visual Board", the Magiccraft Kuji still sticks with the witch inspired themes with every member short of Madoka sporting one. Homura's outfit points slightly more towards her Devil Form while, Kyouko and Sayaka stick with their witch's knight theme. Mami? Well, she is sporting Bebe/Charlotte colors all over again with Nagisa albeit this time in a frilly dress instead. Overall, they all show great potential to be translated into figures which I have no doubt will be great! Now, moving on to Prize G-J.

Prize G: Mug/Cup (3 Designs)

Prize H: Towels (4 Designs, 30 cm)

Prize I: Acrylic Stands (6 Designs, Blind/Sealed Box, 8 cm tall)

Prize J: Rubber Straps (6 Designs, Blind/Sealed Box, 6 cm tall)
Last Prize: Kyubey Cushion
Bonus: Double Chance Campaign (Prize B-C-D-E-F)
Special Campaign: Sayaka and Kyouko Art stands exclusive during the launch of the Kuji at Gamers' Akihabara store

Are those not the cutest rubber straps you have ever seen? Those button eyes are a clear reference to the original Magiccraft (with Bebe having buttons for eyes) and look absolutely adorable! Not to mention, the acrylic stands both look great and functional. All in all, I am really happy with the design direction that Banpresto has chosen with the Magiccraft theme, it is high time we started getting more merchandise of our Puella Magi in something except canon-outfits. Personally, I cannot wait to get more hands on more Mami merchandise as I did from the previous Kuji and I am really looking forth to this one to with their great designs! You will be sure to hear about it first on Tiro Finale when I get my hands on these new merchandise. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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