Tokyo Days 25 - Mini Melon Buns

Today, while in my office, I stumbled upon the cutest looking Japanese snack I have ever come across, Mini Melon Buns! Well, to be fair they are not actual buns but closer to soft cookies. Still, the taste is all the mattered. Being extremely curious, I had to try this out for myself.

Each pack came with 22 mini melon buns with two flavors. The first is the original melon bun flavor which tastes like an entire normal sized melon bun compressed into a cookie!

The second flavor, cream melon bun was notably different. Not only was it green and much sweeter, it had a melon cream filled center.

I had a tough time selecting between the two as the both tasted so good! I could not have too many of them though as they are quite sweet and go bland to the taste after one too many. On that note, I will be on the lookout for even more unique morsels that Japan has to offer. In the meantime, thanks once again for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!


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