Tokyo Days 4 - My Room & The Temple

Day 4, in any other holiday scenario, I would have most probably been halfway through it already. For me though, things are just about to get started as I officially begin my 8 week endeavor in Japan. Things started off fairly slowly for the first day as it was mostly introductions to the faculty and getting my documents in place. Having some time in between, I decided to visit the nearby shrine coincidentally named Atago Shrine. 

This was one of the highest platformed shrines in Tokyo, located 30 meters above sea level. Such is evident from those steep stairs up. The Atago Shrine is particularity popular among working-class people as it is said to bless one with a good career.

Successfully make it up the steep steps and you will be rewarded with a quaint but lovely shrine. 

There is even a lovely Koi pond next to the main shrine. Here you can worship one of the five gods which are enshrined here.

I would go on and explain the shrine's mythology and significance but, I figure I would let this plaque to that instead.

One of the vending machines even sell this unique "Mellow Apple" Fanta.

Sure is steep.

Later in the evening, I finally got access to my room. Like almost every other accommodation in Tokyo, there is not much space. But, that is perfectly fine with me as I rather like this manageable size and I have grown to be accustomed to small living quarters.

The best part is, my apartment is located directly opposite Atago Shrine. What a coincidence! Hopefully this means I would be kept safe for the duration of my time here. With that, I will end on this note as I am really tired and have an early day coming tomorrow. Until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have a great day ahead!


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