SIF Coverage: Smiling Concludes

The most competitive Honoka event on SIF's EN server finally comes to a close. This eleven day Token Event saw a high cutoff across all tiers attributed to the introduction of Update 3.0. Many had expected the momentum to have died down after Nico's Medley Festival but, such was not the case. With the daily Love Gem reward, 2 birthdays (Nozomi and Mari) plus many re-introduced players, it was only natural that these factors would add up to an extremely competitive event.

Without further ado, let us go take a closer look at the standings starting with the Top 5. LuckySSL nets the first place with 600,000 points, a clear 40,000 points ahead of the next closest competitor. Meanwhile, the remaining four in the Top 5 all scored above 500,000 points. Impressive feat all around so, congratulations to all of them!

Next up, we take a closer look at Tier 1 where the Top 1000 positions cutoff. This time, the competition for 1000th position comes as a tie with two 999th position players qualifying at 38,000 points. Pretty frighteningly steep cutoffs right?

Then, there is Tier 2 consisting of the Top 5000 players cutting off at 26,831 points in total. Although the cutoffs were rising steeply in the final few hours, it still stopped clear off what many had predicted (~27,500-28,000 point mark). Nevertheless, congratulations to Sayuki for barely qualifying in Tier 2. I wonder what that feeling must feel like.

I was not available to observe the final few hours of the event citing professional responsibilities. As such, I decided to bank on my +1LG strategy, finishing off the event with 18 Love Gems used in total. While this was a huge investment, I foresee this to be the case in future events too now that there is a daily LG award. Fortunately, my investment paid off and I finished at 2,380th position. Way above where I had expected to be honestly. 

As for the Event Song, I comfortably made it into Tier 2 at 2,642th position. Not too shabby considering I only played the Hard Event Song once huh?

Successfully qualify for Tier 2 on both ends (Event Ranking & Event Song Ranking) and you will be rewarded with a Present Box like this, a bonus SR Honoka and Green Scouting Ticket.

The Event N Card, un-idolized.

She grows fox ears and a tail upon idolization!

I almost thought I had accidentally practiced off the second copy when I could not find it in my inventory. Turns out it was buried deep in my Present Box.

Next up, we have Honoka. The dual katana(s) sure fit her and that white pouch with "Ho" is a great touch too.

Throw it into the Special Practice blender minding the correct orientation.

And, tadah!

Here are her stats at Level 1;

And at Level 60. Her Skill is a Score Boost type with rapid fire/high probability.

Finally, her final stats at Level 80. Pure is not Honoka's core attribute. Still, 4700 Pure Points is fairly formidable.

As much as I approve of this design, I somehow like the un-idolized version better still.

With that, I will leave you with Honoka's unique line for this SR version of her. I wonder how the side-story will be like? Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have a great day ahead!

Bonus Images: Birthday Girls


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