SIF Coverage: Smiling Token Event

How is everybody doing? I hope you have been well rested after the epic event that was Nico's Medley Festival Round 5. As we usher in the latest Token Event, I am sure Honoka fans (aka Honkers) all around the world are pretty excited for this new event. Going on for the next 11 days, this Token Event is titled simply as "Smiling" and will feature the SR Momotarou Honoka as the event SR. I do not know too much about the Momotarou folk lore but, I do know about its relation with peaches. As such, that is the Token you will have to collect for the next 11 days, peaches. 

Token Events have very simple mechanics, if you did not already know it. Play normal Lives and collect Tokens throughout the song. The number of tokens is dictated by the amount of LP used with the exception of Hard 15 LP songs and EX 25 LP songs which give 16 and 27 tokens (maximum) each. Use these Tokens as "currency" to play the Event Song "Shiawase-iki no Smiling!" and gain event points by doing so. Along the way, you will get various rewards as you collect more event points. Reach 11,000 points and SR Momotarou Honoka is yours, un-idolized of course.

To obtain the idolized version, you will need to complete within either the Top 5000 positions. Where the Top 1000 receive 2 additional SR(s) while the Top 1001-5000 receive an additional SR. For the sake of simplicity, we usually just call them Tier 1 and 2. While it is still early in the event, I do not foresee the event being too competitive. Predictors place it at 38,000 for Tier 2 and 71,500 for Tier 1. I would naturally expect those figures to go up by one or two thousand and remain fairly stable because this is a Token Event.
An additional twist to Token Events are the Song Ranking awards where players are given additional rewards for getting their highest possible score ranked among every player in the server. While it may come across as a challenge of skill, a large part of it also comes down to your team's composition which seems to strongly determine which tier you roughly fall into. 

With that, I believe I would have covered most of the ground for today's new event. More info about the SR Honoka as it comes as well as any changes to the game while the event is ongoing. Stay tuned to Tiro Finale for all the latest SIF content. Until the next time, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful weekend ahead!

Bonus Content: Someday of my Life

The first Full Combo of a new EX Song I have done in a long time!

Holding my breath till the final 479th note!

A single Love Gem reward does feel rather uninteresting now with the daily Love Gem reward. Still, achievements!


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