Tokyo Days 6 - The Long Day

Today's post comes late for two reasons. The first, I have had an extremely long day starting going from seven-till-seven. Second, I ran out of data chasing a pointless errand. To get better idea of it all, I will let the pictures do the talking.

My superiors really love their coffee. It is no wonder they are able to stay awake the whole day.

Ramen! The first proper meal of the entire day.

Huge cans of CocaColas! 500ml in total volume to satisfy all your Coke cravings.

Stopping by Lawson, I spotted this. I am not very familiar with the Idolmaster series but, these looked pretty cool.

Why was I at Lawson? To get more data of course. Now, finally I was able to update the post for today. But, that will be it for today as I am off to bed for another early day starting tomorrow. On that note, thanks again for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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