Tokyo Days 5 - Lemon Fanta

Like this bottle of Lemon Fanta, I am going to keep today's post short, simple and not as sour nor as sweet as you would come to expect. Starting off early today, I had a rather busy first half of the day. After lunch, I had some time off and decided to get some studies done in the library. Problem is, I had left my tablet at home.

Fortunately, my place was only a 5 minute walk away. So, I decided to go back to grab it. It was on my way back that I noticed, I lived rather close to Tokyo Tower too. Which did make for a pretty nice view. Pity it does not translate too well into pictures.

On my way back, I spotted it once again. This time it was brightly illuminated and it was still a sight to behold. Given a number of days, I am sure the novelty would start to wear out.

A wild Aston Martin DB8 appears!

Lastly, garbage schedule. I need to wrap my head around this all so, I decided to take a picture for quick reference in the future. Thankfully, I do not have much garbage to dispose off at the moment. With that, today's update comes to a close. Another busy day lies ahead tomorrow but, I am hoping it will be an adventure filled one too! Once again, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a great day ahead!


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