Tokyo Days 10 - The Seiko Museum (Part 2)

The 2nd Floor of the museum featured many more of Seiko's more serious pieces.

Being at the forefront of high precision Quartz timekeeping, there were no shortage of their pride and joy.

Though, mechanical timepieces were not left out either.

Historically important pieces such as this beautiful first-of-its-kind Seiko Sportsmatic 5 were on display too. A watch I one day would love to own.

This crown chrono was a first for me.

An enlarged Seiko automatic movement.

I never knew about the Bell-matic prior to this.

A lovely functional 23 Jewel movement

Another of Seiko's world first, an automatic chronograph.

Never forget their first ever Quartz wristwatch.

Right down to their most cutting edge pieces like this Spring Drive Chronograph with GMT functions.

With that, I will leave you with this picture of several melted watches clumped together which was a result of a disaster. If you ever have the time, I would definitely advocate a visit. Until the next time, thanks for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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