Tokyo Days 3 - A Lull in the Concrete Jungle

As the title suggests, today turned out to be a rather uneventful one. With Sunday being a very popular day for both tourist and locals alike, I felt that it would be for the best to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city center. Instead I decided to escort some family members I had with me over to Tokyo's neighboring city, Yokohama. With wider roads and generally larger buildings, Yokohama was the perfect place to go even if there were going to be more people.

The first order of the day, Nissin's Cup Ramen/Noodle Museum. Although I have visited Yokohama several times now, this was the first time I have paid a visit to the museum. A 500 Yen entry fee allows full day access to the moderately sized 5 floor museum.

Moving at a leisurely pace, you would be able to complete the entire museum in 2 hours or so. As far as instant noodles go, this has to the best collection of them.

There is even space ramen! I wonder how that tastes.

The highlight of the trip for many would be the make-your-own Cup Ramen workshop which was a hit among children. I opted out from doing it as there were just too many people waiting to participate. I will let the children have this one. Overall, a worth visit at only 500 Yen especially for children or those who absolutely love their instant noodles.

Don't you just love how Audi leaves their R8 Spyder, one of their most expensive models, out in the open? You know, because Japan.

The view of the Yokohama Bay is a really good one too! Pity the weather was rather cloudy.

It is UTX's Academy! No, not really. You would most probably recognize that as Akiba's Crossfield, the inspiration for UTX. I did not stop off at Akiba today though, this was just a station to change rails.

Before I made my way to pay a visit to the Dome, the heralded location of the Final Live. Despite the time that has passed, it still tugs away at me to think about it. With that final shot, I will be ending today's entry. Tomorrow would be the first day I start work/studies here and I ought to get sufficient rest before then. Feeling really nervous but, also extremely excited for tomorrow. Until then, thanks again for reading and have a great day ahead everyone!


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