SIF Coverage - SR Track and Field Rin

A double-SR event is as its name suggests an event where two SR members are up for grabs. This time, featuring a combination of rewards from Score Match Round 19 and 20 of the JP Servers into a single event on the EN Server. Because Eli's event came first (Score Match Round 19), she was chosen to be the first unlockable SR at 22,500 Event Points. Rin herself is not too far behind, being unlocked just 5,000 Event Points ahead at 27,500 Event Points.

Which in this event's pace meant only a day's worth of playing.

Here are Rin's stats and skill at Level 1, that is right upon unlocking her. Just like Eli, Rin too has a Score Boost skill but one which features low percentage in favor of a high score boost.

At Level 60, her Cool Points rises by 1,330 points to a very respectable 4,490 points. If you successfully idolize Rin, she will go on to be the 5th most powerful Cool Event SR. Just like Eli (also), this is incredibly worthwhile considering Cool is not Rin's core attribute. It is Smile if you had any doubts.

I hate to sound like a broken record but, just like Eli, the unidolized Rin's design is rather plain. Dressed in only her first-year high school outfit, the only addition to her design is a towel and sports bottle. But, that is neko-bottle is so cute though! Where does Rin find all these neko-themed stuff?

With just 5 days left for the event, I am glad to report that the cutoffs have eased off significantly compared to the first few days. This is especially good news for those planning to tier as less Love Gems will have to be used and for those catching up, it would be a much easier task too. The only hurdle in sight is the coming weekend where a "Wondeful Rush" may occur. While I fear for it, it is indeed something we will have to prepare for. Let us see how things will develop in the coming days. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead everyone!

So tempting!


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