Tokyo Days 7 - Happy Birthday Nozomi!

June the 9th is Nozomi's Birthday! After work, I quickly rushed down to Akiba to find the coveted shrines they put every year and this time, Club Sega did not disappoint!
A closer look at the merchandise within the shrine.

Scale figures and plush on one side.

With the chibi-figures on the other.

A special letter.

Taking center-stage is the just released, Nozomi Birthday figure! Maybe I really ought to get one?

There is even the usual board to dedicate all your birthday wishes.

The entire board was filled with well wishes, it was a lovely sight.

Here are a few I found to be particularly interesting, like this Rin.

Or this Maki.

More adorable illustrations.

Nozomi steals Eli's signature wink?

Kotori is flapping her wings!

Sega Club is currently host to the School Idol Festival Cafe. Definitely going to pay a visit to it soon!

Before leaving, I left my well wishes too.
It was certainly an amazing sight to see so many Love Livers and Nozomi fans gather around for this special day. There was certainly no shortage of people taking photos with their smartphones and it was a case of a few quick snaps before moving on politely to allows others the chance as well. Overall, I feel extremely lucky to at least experience this once. Who knows what adventures tomorrow will hold. In the meantime, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a fantastic day ahead!

Bonus Images:

Say hello to Toranomon

Tokyo Tower's beauty is still one to behold

The One Piece attraction theme was still ongoing

What an awesome design!

A life-size Sanji!

Lawson snacks anyone?

They even have Ichiban Kuji tickets for sale.


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