Tokyo Days 12 - Get that Gunpla

Beside figures, I also added several new Gunpla to my collection over this past weekend. What is Gunpla? Short for Gundam Plastic Models, they are scale plastic model kits of Mobile Suits featured in the myriad of Gundam series. Manufactured by Bandai and made entirely in Japan, Gunpla are one of the highest quality plastic model kits you can expect to find in the world. Allow me to take you through a few of them.

The granddaddy of them all, just simply called Gundam, this was the Gundam which started it all. A new HG version was released recently to commemorate the 35th anniversary. Costing only 1,000 Yen, this kit is amazing value for money suitable for both veteran and beginners alike. This particular one is actually a gift for a friend of mine.

From the new Iron-Blooded Orphans series comes one of the main mobile suits, Gundam Gusion Rebake. Sporting a large rifle, an even larger shield and giant thrusters, Gusion in its Gundam form is a really imposing kit. The price is great too at 1,200 Yen only. Like the RX-78, this too is a gift for a friend.

Now, it is on to the stuff for me! A kit I have wanted to get for a very long time now but, have not had the opportunity to find one. Surprisingly rare, the GM Sniper II is perhaps one of the coolest GM variant aside Striker and Custom in the huge GM series of mobile suits. I can not wait to start cracking on this one!

Lastly, we have a kit that I have been eyeing for much too long now. Availability has never been an issue but, price certainly is. At 2,600 Yen for a HG kit, I often found myself holding back solely because of the price. Here in Japan though, the prices are more lenient and I managed to get my hands on one for only 1,820 Yen. A discount of 30% may not be jaw-dropping but, certainly enough to tide me over in getting it.

I just love the over-the-top design that Delta Kai has!

I left all my tools at home so, this meant getting new ones. Not wanting to spend too much on something I already had, I opted to get the cheaper GodHand Keroro x Nipako beginner nipper. It is not great, especially compared to the GodHand and Tamiya nippers that I usually use. But, it gets the job done and surprisingly well too!

I did not plan on getting markers but, Bic Camera were selling them pretty cheap. Hence, I decided to add these to the cart while I was at it. Now, the only thing I am missing is a file and blade cutter. Fortunately, Tamiya's Plastic Model Factory is not too far from where I am meaning I can head over anytime to restock.

With that, I will leave you with this final shot just to give you an idea how big each box is. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have a great day ahead!


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