SIF Coverage - SR Masquerade Eli

This current Score Match has been extremely competitive! Just three days into the event and everybody within the Top 5000 positions have already obtained the first event SR, Masquerade Eli. Not keen to fall behind, I too have just obtained my own but, keeping up with the rest is proving to be rather difficult both in terms of playing time and Love Gem investment. Nevertheless, let us take a quick look at today's focus, the SR Masquerade Eli.

Upon hitting 22,500 Event Points, Eli will automatically be added to your account.

Here she is at Level 1 sporting 3,650 Pure Points and a Score Boost Skill. The un-idolized design itself is nothing much to shout about, Eli looks pretty as usual. But, it is most definitely the idolized version that everyone is vying for.

At Level 60, her Pure Points rises steeply to 4,480 points. If you manage to idolize her, you would be looking at the 3rd most powerful Pure Event SR. Pretty amazing considering Pure is not Eli's core attribute.

And here is a closer look at the card's design in un-idolized form. While I am not sure how to explain it, her outfit looks very reminiscent of what Eli would actually wear which in itself is a really nice touch.

The next step in progression would be 27,500 points for SR Rin which, at this rate, would most probably be making an appearance tomorrow. I sure hope that the cutoffs would start slowing down after this because, if this keeps up, it would be bad news for many players in the game especially those who are free-to-play. While I may have a fairly large reserve, I wonder how much longer it will last if events like these keep happening. Already the past Nico and Honoka events incurred a huge Love Gem cost and this too looks to incur an even bigger hit. Only time will tell how things proceed. In the meantime, all we can do is keep our chins up and keep on playing. Until then, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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